Product Description

Common Info:

1.Raw materials: UPVC
two .Size: DN15-DN400(1/2″-sixteen”)
three .Regular: DIN and GB
4 .Utilization: Water Supply
five. Force: 1.0Mpa and 1.6Mpa

Functions of products:

  1. Gentle bodyweight
  2. Corrosion resistance
  3. Modest friction
  4. Getting older resistance
  5. Large flame retardant
  6. High toughness
  7. Effortless installation


  1. The distinct gravity is only 1 sixth of that of cast iron pipe, handy installation and transportation, conserving time and labor value.
  2. Possessing excellent acid resistance, alkali resistance and electrochemical corrosion resistance.
  3. Inner wall is easy, little flow-resistance, anti-fouling.
  4. Great chemical balance, and the typical services daily life can reach about fifty a long time.
  5. The flame can extinguish after leaving the fire.
  6. The tensile energy can get to forty five Mpa, the doing work pressure can get to 1.6 Mpa at typical temperature.
  7. Using glue to bond, no require to approach thread, practical and quick operating.

HangZhou VODE Plastic Co., Ltd., located in Xihu (West Lake) Dis. district ,HangZhou metropolis , ZHangZhoug province, China, was founded in 2007. It is a nicely-known manufacturer specialised in higher-tech, substantial functionality, and higher dependability UPVC,CPVC piping system and Extremely filtration Membrane housings in China .

4 series of merchandise can be available in HZVODE. The total measurements and types grey UPVC plastic pipe and pipe fittings Obvious UPVC pipes and fittings The variety of UPVC Ultra filtration membrane housings versions Light gray color of CPVC pipes and fittings. The good quality and safety are paid focus seriously. Important certificates and identifications was acquired like the authentication certificate of good quality administration program – ISO9001 and the approval of sanitary license . Right after about 15 years of advancement and innovation, the scale of factory proceeds to increase, new huge manufacturing unit with 40000 sq. meters will be created and completed in 2571, production capacity and technical strength will be drastically improved in the future. At existing, the business introduces computerized clever generation gear. there will be more than 80 sets of automated production gear had in workshops.

Right now, goods manufactured by HZVODE have been exported to Japan, Germany, Russia, Spain, Estonia, Hungry, Turkey, Canada, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Viet Nam, Singapore, India, Iraq and so on nations around the world. The buyers are extremely satisfied with our items, and we have been developing extended and secure cooperation connection by now. In property, big amount of distributors have been established up in ZheJiang , ZheJiang , HangZhou, HangZhou, HangZhou, ZheJiang , HangZhou and other towns. The advertising and marketing shares in domestic have accounted for large proportion. HZVODE Model has become really common in China relying on reliable merchandise good quality, affordable price and excellent corporate status.

In the foreseeable future, HZVODE will continue to focus on generating substantial-tech, high ability, and large reliability products for clients. We insist that growth market with ideal items, CZPT good quality and reputable status, HZVODE will have a broader and much more affluent potential.  

HZVODE attends 3 critical drinking water exhibitions each and every year in China, they are IE expo China in ZheJiang , Worldwide Aquetech in ZheJiang and Drinking water remedy in ZheJiang , Often we will attend the H2o Exhibition in HangZhou.  the products  on show by HZVODE captivated so numerous website visitors at home and overseas, visitors like the merchandise so much!

HZVODE implies HangZhou Planet. We intend to create Domestic Topping Business and forge Entire world Well-known Brand names in the future. With about fifteen a long time development, HZVODE  has been adhering to Unity, pragmatism, innovation and high-functionality, present-day VODE has created a wonderful accomplishment . A massive new plant will be finished at the conclude of 2571, totally automatic procedure will be introduced by then. Outstanding goods and substantial quality solutions win buyer recognition, which have carried out so numerous essential domestic projects by HZVODE. Meanwhile, the goods made by HZVODE turn out to be much more and much more well-liked oversea, we have created cooperation with some clients from Japan, Germany, Spain, Russia ets nations around the world. We are confident that far more and a lot more customers will know VODE in the close to future.

HZVODE is specializing in the plastic UPVC gray pipes and pipe fittings, UPVC very clear pipes and fittings, UPVC Extremely filtration membrane shells and CPVC pipes and fittings in China. Entire measurements and designs of pipe technique can be available from HZVODE. Goods are commonly utilized in chemical market, drinking water treatment method, bio-technologies, environmental safety, medication, design, paper, meals, fire, electric power and other industries. Firm has strong complex power with a staff of skilled specialized engineers and study team. HZVODE have set up shut cooperative relations with ZHangZhoug University and ZHangZhoug College of Technologies, which are extremely famous university in China. With sophisticated imported gear and uncooked components, the products made certainly satisfy your necessity.

HZVODE is the major firm making Ultra filtration membrane shells as effectively as their components in China, we have about 15 a long time of professional experience in these merchandise. Numerous models can be available in HZVODE. The marketplace share in this merchandise accounts for more than 80% in China, virtually all consumers in China are utilizing HZVODE model. OEM and ODM can be satisfactory in our company, we warmly welcome all buyers to sign up for us and function with you together in foreseeable future!

UPVC gray goods:
UPVC product collection include UPVC total dimensions of pipes and fittings. Pipes dimensions are from DN15 to DN400. According to various wall thickness of pipes, there are 3 sorts of pipes obtainable in HZVODE. They are 1.0Mpa of water supply pipes , 1.6Mpa of drinking water offer pipes and 1.6Mpa of industrial pipes. Industrial chemical pipes have larger acid and alkali resistance, their wall thicknesses are thicker. Pipe fittings are full, measurements are from DN15 to DN400, functioning pressures have 1.0Mpa and 1.6Mpa. Fittings have Elbow, Tee, Coupling, Valve, Union, Flange, Cap, Cross, Reducer, Y sort Tee and so forth. The items are processed from formula, manufacturing and processing, packing and last but not least transport, every method is strictly managed by HZVODE, we try to be excellent in every single depth, and provide each customers with exceptional items.

UPVC obvious Merchandise:
Based on the existing industry demand from customers for transparent goods, the sizes of distinct goods are from DN15-DN150, particularly outsize 20mm to 160mm. Obvious goods have UPVC clear pipes with measurements from 20mm to 160mm, UPVC distinct 90 degree Elbow, UPVC distinct forty five degree Elbow, UPVC distinct Tee, UPVC very clear Coupling, UPVC clear Cap, UPVC clear Male thread Adaptor, UPVC obvious Union as effectively as UPVC distinct Valve. Obvious products adopted with UPVC pure uncooked material to generate, it has greater specifications for merchandise technological innovation, a substantial transparency, clarity, energy are needed, and there are no flaws on the items. Every single exhibition, transparent products turn out to be a highlight on the stand, attracting numerous consumers to check out.

Ultra filtration membrane housings:
HZVODE is the principal provider of Ultra filtration membrane shells as properly as their accessories for Extremely filtration subject in China, we have about 15 several years of expert experience in these merchandise. The sizes have 2″, 4″,5″,6″,8″,9″,ten” and 12″ and so forth. Several versions can be obtainable in HZVODE. The market share in this merchandise accounts for more than eighty% in China, practically all buyers in China are making use of HZVODE brand. OEM and ODM can be suitable in our organization, we warmly welcome all consumers to be a part of us and function with you together in foreseeable future!

1.What is your MOQ?
No MOQ, any amount is satisfactory in our business.

two.What is your supply time?
The time of shipping is around15-twenty days.

3.What is the shipping and delivery port?
We ship the goods by way of HangZhou and ZheJiang port.

four.What is your payment conditions?
thirty% T/T in progress,70% at the sight of duplicate of B/L.

5.What is the place of your business?
Our company is located in the HangZhou, ZHangZhoug ,China.
We are warmly welcome you if you would like to have a pay a visit to.

6. Are you a company or buying and selling firm ? 
Yes, we are a expert producer in UPVC and CPVC products, and have practically 15 many years. 

7.Can you acknowledge OEM or ODM?
Of course, OEM is welcomed, and also we cooperated with tons of clients according to your want. 

eight.Why pick us?
Simply because of professional, liable, stringent with factors, superb goods, competitive value, quick of time response, quick delivery. Warmly welcomed in Germany, Japan, Spain, Russia, Canada and so on market.


To Be Negotiated 100 Pieces
(Min. Order)


Standard: DIN, GB
Material: PVC
Connection: Welding
Transport Package: Cartons
Specification: DN15-DN400
Trademark: HZVODE


To Be Negotiated 100 Pieces
(Min. Order)


Standard: DIN, GB
Material: PVC
Connection: Welding
Transport Package: Cartons
Specification: DN15-DN400
Trademark: HZVODE



Types of Coupling

A coupling is a device used to join two shafts together and transmit power. Its primary function is to join rotating equipment and allows for some end movement and misalignment. This article discusses different types of coupling, including Magnetic coupling and Shaft coupling. This article also includes information on Overload safety mechanical coupling.

Flexible beam coupling

Flexible beam couplings are universal joints that can deal with shafts that are offset or at an angle. They consist of a tube with couplings at both ends and a thin, flexible helix in the middle. This makes them suitable for use in a variety of applications, from motion control in robotics to attaching encoders to shafts.
These couplings are made of one-piece materials and are often made of stainless steel or aluminium alloy. However, they can also be made of acetal or titanium. While titanium and acetal are less common materials, they are still suitable for high-torque applications. For more information about beam couplings, contact CZPT Components.
Flexible beam couplings come in a variety of types and sizes. W series couplings are good for general purpose applications and are relatively economical. Stainless steel versions have increased torque capacity and torsional stiffness. Flexible beam couplings made of aluminum are ideal for servo and reverse motion. They are also available with metric dimensions.
Flexible beam couplings are made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel. Their patented slot pattern provides low bearing load and high torsional rigidity. They have a long operational life. They also require zero maintenance and can handle angular offset. Their advantages outweigh the disadvantages of traditional beam couplings.

Magnetic coupling

Magnetic coupling transfers torque from one shaft to another using a magnetic field. These couplings can be used on various types of machinery. These types of transmissions are very useful in many situations, especially when you need to move large amounts of weight. The magnetic field is also very effective at reducing friction between the two shafts, which can be extremely helpful if you’re moving heavy items or machinery.
Different magnetic couplings can transmit forces either linearly or rotated. Different magnetic couplings have different topologies and can be made to transmit force in various geometric configurations. Some of these types of couplings are based on different types of materials. For example, a ceramic magnetic material can be used for applications requiring high temperature resistance.
Hybrid couplings are also available. They have a hybrid design, which allows them to operate in either an asynchronous or synchronous mode. Hysterloy is an alloy that is easily magnetized and is used in synchronous couplings. A synchronous magnetic coupling produces a coupled magnetic circuit.
Magnetic coupling is a key factor in many physical processes. In a crystal, molecules exhibit different magnetic properties, depending on their atomic configuration. Consequently, different configurations produce different amounts of magnetic coupling. The type of magnetic coupling a molecule exhibits depends on the exchange parameter Kij. This exchange parameter is calculated by using quantum chemical methods.
Magnetic couplings are most commonly used in fluid transfer pump applications, where the drive shaft is hermetically separated from the fluid. Magnetic couplings also help prevent the transmission of vibration and axial or radial loads through the drive shaft. Moreover, they don’t require external power sources, since they use permanent magnets.

Shaft coupling

A shaft coupling is a mechanical device that connects two shafts. The coupling is designed to transmit full power from one shaft to the other, while keeping the shafts in perfect alignment. It should also reduce transmission of shock loads. Ideally, the coupling should be easy to connect and maintain alignment. It should also be free of projecting parts.
The shaft couplings that are used in machines are typically made of two types: universal coupling and CZPT coupling. CZPT couplings are designed to correct for lateral misalignment and are composed of two flanges with tongues and slots. They are usually fitted with pins. The T1 tongue is fitted into flange A, while the T2 tongue fits into flange B.
Another type of shaft coupling is known as a “sliced” coupling. This type of coupling compensates for inevitable shaft misalignments and provides high torque. Machined slits in the coupling’s outer shell help it achieve high torsional stiffness and excellent flexibility. The design allows for varying engagement angles, making it ideal for many different applications.
A shaft coupling is an important component of any machine. Proper alignment of the two shafts is vital to avoid machine breakdowns. If the shafts are misaligned, extra force can be placed on other parts of the machine, causing vibration, noise, and damage to the components. A good coupling should be easy to connect and should ensure precise alignment of the shaft. Ideally, it should also have no projecting parts.
Shaft couplings are designed to tolerate a certain amount of backlash, but it must be within a system’s threshold. Any angular movement of the shaft beyond this angle is considered excessive backlash. Excessive backlash results in excessive wear, stress, and breakage, and may also cause inaccurate alignment readings. It is therefore imperative to reduce backlash before the shaft alignment process.

Overload safety mechanical coupling

Overload safety mechanical couplings are devices that automatically disengage when the torque applied to them exceeds a specified limit. They are an efficient way to protect machinery and reduce the downtime associated with repairing damaged machinery. The advantage of overload couplings is their fast reaction time and ease of installation.
Overload safety mechanical couplings can be used in a wide range of applications. Their automatic coupling mechanisms can be used on any face or edge. In addition, they can be genderless, incorporating both male and female coupling features into a single mechanism. This means that they are both safe and gender-neutral.
Overload safety couplings protect rotating power transmission components from overloads. Overload protection devices are installed on electric motors to cut off power if the current exceeds a certain limit. Likewise, fluid couplings in conveyors are equipped with melting plug elements that allow the fluid to escape when the system becomes too hot. Mechanical force transmission devices, such as shear bolts, are designed with overload protection in mind.
A common design of an overload safety mechanical coupling consists of two or more arms and hubs separated by a plastic spider. Each coupling body has a set torque threshold. Exceeding this threshold may damage the spider or damage the jaws. In addition, the spider tends to dampen vibration and absorb axial extension. This coupling style is nearly backlash free, electrically isolating, and can tolerate very little parallel misalignment.
A mechanical coupling may also be a universal joint or jaw-clutch coupling. Its basic function is to connect the driver and driven shafts, and limits torque transfer. These devices are typically used in heavy-duty industries, such as steel plants and rolling mills. They also work well with industrial conveyor systems.

CZPT Pulley

The CZPT Pulley coupling family offers a comprehensive range of couplings for motors of all types. Not only does this range include standard motor couplings, but also servo couplings, which require ultra-precise control. CZPT Pulley couplings are also suitable for engine applications where high shocks and vibrations are encountered.
CZPT Pulley couplings have a “sliced” body structure, which allows for excellent torsional stiffness and strength. They are corrosion-resistant and can withstand high rotational speeds. The couplings’ design also ensures accurate shaft rotation while limiting shaft misalignment.
CZPT Pulley has introduced the CPU Pin Type couplings, which are effective at damping vibration and maintain zero backlash. They are also made from aluminum and are capable of absorbing heat. They come with recessed tightening screws. They can handle speeds up to 4,000 RPM, and are RoHS-compliant.
China UPVC Plastic Reducer Coupling with DIN Standard Gray Color Fitting     a  coupling reactionChina UPVC Plastic Reducer Coupling with DIN Standard Gray Color Fitting     a  coupling reaction
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