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Solution Description

Drum Gear Coupling Shaft Coupling &lparGICL&rparDrum kind coupling is just flexible coupling&comma coupling is created within the exact same amount of ring equipment and belt tooth flange half couplings and other parts&period Divided into straight enamel and drum tooth outside two varieties of tooth profile&comma drum gear coupling Permits a more substantial angular displacement &lparas opposed to straight tooth coupling&rpar&comma can improve the tooth get in touch with circumstances&comma enhance the ability to transfer torque&comma extend support life&periodWith the radial&comma axial and angular and axial deviation compensation ability&comma has the rewards of compact construction&comma tiny turning radius&comma its large carrying capacity&comma substantial transmission efficiency&comma reduced noise and lengthy servicing cycle&comma specifically suitable for minimal speed and large load problem&comma these kinds of as metallurgy&comma mining&comma lifting&comma transportation and other industries are also relevant to the travel shaft of petroleum and chemical industry&comma standard machinery and other kinds of equipment&periodModelTn&lparN&periodm&rpar&lsqbn&rbrack&lparr&solmin&rpar d1&commad2&commadzDCC1C2Kg&periodm2KgYZ1&commaJ1LGICL1630710016 eighteen 1942-12520–&period0095&period920 22 245238-2425 28624410-1930 32 35 3882602&period51522GICL21120630025 28624414410&period5-290&period029&period730 32 35 38826012&period53040 forty two forty five 48112842&period513&period528GICL32240590030 32 35 388260174324&period5250&period04717&period240 42 45 48 50 fifty five 561128417286014210735GICL43600540032 35 3882601961437320&period09124&period940 42 45 48 50 55 56112842860 63 sixty five 7014210731735GICL55000500040 42 forty five 48 fifty 55 5611284224325280&period1673860 sixty three 65 70 71 751421072035801721322243GICL67100480048 50 55 5611284241635350&period26748&period260 63 65 70 71 75142107203580 eighty five 9017213242243GICL710000450060 sixty three sixty five 70 71 75142107260435350&period45368&period980 eighty five ninety 95172132224310021216748GICL814000400065 70 seventy one 75142107282535350&period64683&period380 eighty five ninety 951721322243100 11021216748GICL918000350070 71 751421073141045451&period03611080 85 ninety 95172132100 110 one hundred twenty 1252121675224349GICL1031500320080 85 90 95172132346543431&period88157100 a hundred and ten a hundred and twenty 1252121672249130 1402522022954GICL11400003000100 a hundred and ten a hundred and twenty 125212167380629493&period28217130 a hundred and forty 1502522025416030224264GICL12560002600120 125212167442657575&period08305130 a hundred and forty 1502522022955160 one hundred seventy 18030224268GICL13800002300140 1502522024827545710&period06419160 a hundred and seventy 1803022423270190 20035228280GICL141120002100160 a hundred and seventy 1803022425208427016&period774594190 two hundred 2203522823280GICL151600001900190 200 22035228258010348026&period55783140 15041033038-GICL162500001600200 22035228268010588052&period221134240 250 26041033038-28047038038GICL172800001500220352282720107480691305240 250 260410330280 30047038039-GICL183550001400240 250 2604103307751046-ninety six&period161626280 three hundred 32047038041-GICL1945000013002604103308151067-one hundred fifteen&period61773280 300 32047038041340550450GICL205000001200280 300 3204703808551344-167&period412263Our company materials diverse types of merchandise&interval Large quality and realistic cost&interval We stick to the theory of epquality first&comma service 1st&comma steady advancement and innovation to satisfy the customersep for the administration and epzero defect&comma zero complaintsep as the quality objective&time period To excellent our service&comma we give the products with good high quality at the sensible cost&periodOur Services24 hrs on-line serviceEnquiry will be replied in two hoursFactory include:china